Internet Social Networks Program the AI Super Computer to Run Human Societies in the Future

You may think that when you are on Google+ and when you +1 something, that it really doesn’t mean anything, other than telling your circle of friends what you like. You may also think that when you are on Facebook and you “like something” that it is only to alert your virtual friends to go check it out. But please let’s not be too na├»ve here, especially when the Google research department is working very hard to use crowd sourcing to accomplish seemingly monumental tasks which require human intelligence.

What I’m saying to you is there’s more to this story, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, let me tell you, there is an in game.

Now then, it doesn’t take too much human intelligence to figure out that by doing this we are indeed programming artificial intelligent supercomputers of the future to run the very human societies we live in. The implications of that and the ramifications are so far yielding in consequences, that perhaps we need a timeout to really think about this, and maybe the 99 percentile ought to stop condemning the wealthy as greedy, or the leaders as corrupt and look behind the curtain.

What if an individual had a supercomputer which knew the exact preferences of humans on the planet based on various demographics such as age, race, religion, political persuasion, profession, region of domicile, hobbies, and all sorts of other personal identifiers? Such a system could guesstimate within a very close proximity exactly what you want, perhaps even before you did. In other words it could read your mind, because it is using your mind, and hundreds of millions of other minds to program itself.

In other words that supercomputer with all that information would actually be a collective mind of all of humanity, or at least everyone who has ever participated on a social network. Okay so, perhaps now you are beginning to understand what I’m trying to tell you here? A government with this information could read your mind, a carmaker would know exactly which kind of car you were interested in buying and when, and a politician would know exactly which buttons to press to get you to donate money to their campaign.

And it’s not that these groups don’t already know a good deal about your preferences, and what you are looking for, it is just that they would have it down to such a science that they couldn’t hardly lose. It gives them such an advantage, it’s almost scary. An artificial intelligent supercomputer running human civilizations would also have an abundance of information to control the minds of the people, keep everyone in line, and create such an orderly society, that you may not even wish to live in it. Think of the Borg, for instance.

Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you’d like to hash out more details, or take this philosophical thought to a higher level, then please shoot me an e-mail at your earliest convenience.