Inte rnet Social Networking Strategy

Advertising is not an effective social networking strategy. You can’t just find a new social media application, set up a profile and start talking about your product or service or opportunity. Not a single visitor came to be sold to. Real prospects won’t just ignore you… they click away like you have the plague.

Think of these social websites as community. You have constant electronic conversations, interaction between 2 people or amongst lots of people. The keyword here is “social.” That’s why the audience is there – to meet people, to find old friends, to build new relationships, maybe to find a love connection made in Heaven. It’s local and global networking of many different varieties, but most are not entrepreneurs. Your most effective strategy is to blend in, position yourself as part of that niche network group.

So the best strategy in setting up a new social networking site is to just monitor the tribe for awhile. Look at user profiles and make some notes. What are the popular topics? Most will readily tell you what interests brought them to that website. Keep a list of the reasons. Be sure to highlight the ones who sound the most like a prospect for you.

Some of them – maybe many – will talk about their desires and their problems. Pay very close attention. If you can somehow help in these areas, then you will become exactly who others are looking for – a person who freely adds value to their life.

People get impatient. A question I hear a lot: “When can I start selling?”

Answer: “Never.”

But as you give value and create relationships and build friends, people will be naturally interested in you and what you do. And you can certainly leave a breadcrumb… you’re so happy that you work at home and don’t have to commute. Very subtle, but it will make people wonder – and ask – what you do.

And THAT is the real strategy. Your goal on the internet social networking sites is to get others to ask you what you do. When they ask, you have permission to tell them. That doesn’t mean full-bore selling, but you can definitely move the relationship to the area you really want to talk about.