Home Based Working Moms P romote Your WAHM Business With Internet Social Networking

When you start your WAHM business, please do not only focus on the operation of the business but pay attention to the marketing too. Internet social networking is an excellent and free tool to market your products or services online and to grow your list of potential clients or customers. You need to connect with them and earn their trust gradually. Through internet social networking, you gain friends, clients and possibly future business partners as well. Potential clients can communicate with you in person and this may increase their trusts in your business. You can also learn from other home based working moms and possibly build relationship and joint venture with some of them.

There are plenty of internet social networking sites to join these days, my advice is to be selective. The 3 most popular internet social networking sites which can benefit your WAHM business and increase your network with moms and home based working moms are:


Facebook has many applications and some can benefit your WAHM business. Marketplace, group, fans page, networked blog are among applications which you can use to promote your business to moms and to network with other home based working moms. If you are selling physical products, you can use Marketplace and publish what you sell through your network of people within Facebook. Creating your own group or fans page is a good idea to bring in potential customers and broadcast your message. If you have a business blog, do set up a networked blog to broadcast your latest post automatically.


Twitter is quite different from Facebook where members “tweet” to each other. To tweet is to send messages up to 140 characters. Through Twitter, you get to know others from their tweets. Your tweet may appeal to some potential customers which may attract them to follow you. You can send messages to your followers personally, create a list or join other members list.


Lindkedin is internet social networking site for professionals and business people. Groups or Jobs are the applications within Linkedin. You can start by joining groups of your interest and network with the people within the group. If you are home based working moms, you should look for specific moms group to interact with them.

You may eventually find internet social networking spices up your social life and benefits your WAHM business. Please note that your intention is to socialize with moms or to network with home based working moms. Do not sell hard your products or services. Friends get to know you in person and they will find out about your WAHM business. Position yourself as an expert, be friendly and genuine to your friends network.