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Familiar with hashtags? Search Twitter for "#sociocracy" to find all posts within the past seven days.

Try it! Click the link above or sign in to your Twitter account and search for '#sociocracy.' Create a tweet and include the #sociocracy hashtag. Did you get any followers? We're interested in finding out more about whose talking about Sociocracy around the world. If you're willing, report the results of any Twitter experiments by replying via comment to this post.

Feeling adventurous? Search for postings in Dutch and French with #sociocratie or for German tweets with #soziokratie. Know anyone using #dynamic-governance?

Twitter is just one way to connect with others around sociocratic topics. SocioNet offers an online community of practice where you can experience a circle meeting and get to know others exploring sociocractic governance methods. SocioNet also offers free monthly webinars.


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