Internet Social Networking Advantages

int.20This article on internet social networking advantages for insurance connecting should be very helpful. Insurance social network connecting should be viewed as a scale where the advantages outweigh disadvantages. Reading this article helps make sure connections are networked properly.

Social networking is a big buzz word on the internet. Millions of individuals around the world belong to a social network. Without the internet, social networking is viewed as connecting individuals with a common interest. It could be a charity group, chamber of commerce, church, or just about any kind of alliance. The connection does not need to be political, religious, charitable, social, or non-profit. For the sake of this article, let us separate insurance social networking into two groups. Those that are non-internet connected from those social networks with internet based connecting.

From the first day an insurance agent starts writing life or health insurance, they are told to start connecting with other people. Of course this means networking. While they are encouraged to network with individual people in their environment, sales managers prefer that they focus more on business groups and social organizations.Take their advice as a grain of salt. Sales managers do not understand insurance social network concepts. They see the network as a tree full of red apples. Only by connecting quickly with members can you pick ripe apples to convert into insurance sales. Managers have an applesauce, mixed-up perception.

Acquiring insurance sales by social networking has long-term advantages. When you join a social network or utilize one you already belong to, you are down on the ground level planting seeds. Many of these seeds will never mature, while others provide a bushel full of insurance business. Examine which is the superior way of connecting. Compare the old time, personal connection which could take up to ten years before anything transpires versus the quicker internet connection. Of course, the more time you give and devote to the social organization, the quicker some seeds will sprout up and start maturing. The danger here is that time is money, and personal social connecting often projects the false feeling that insurance sales money is just around the corner.

The internet has a similar way of social networking, with the added advantages of stepping into a forward zooming time machine. There are actually two different styles of what are considered social networks here. The first one is a mass conglomerate like the popular MySpace. These are hundreds of thousands of people are connecting with each other, with the emphasis on personality and a free website with pictures and brief articles. Also there is a newer social network called Twitter, which is again very socially orientated. Both of these provide minimal business opportunity.

If you take time using thoughtful internet searching, you will make more contacts with a business association, like Face Book. Within the membership of this organization are separate groups started by a member that you may be qualified to join. You can have others personally connect with you, if you have similar interests, or they read your published portfolio of your skills and abilities. Here is where you get a multiple function seed planter. You can ask questions of the entire social network, or refine your question to members of your group. Although you are allowed some self-promotion, do not over do it. The key ways to receive influence and recognition are to answer questions asked of the general network or of an inner social group you belong to.

Two major guidelines exist to become a trustworthy expert in your field. The first is to be as complete and accurate in appraising your personal abilities and achievements. Secondly, be very careful not to select answering a question you have little knowledge of. It backfires when another member with more expertise explains how silly your answer is. Therefore, join groups where you will be an asset, not a liability.

The advantage of insurance social networking is to make associations that develop into insurance sales. The internet also saves the two main articles of time and money. Join groups that are free and take advantage of all the free publicity you will receive. Unfortunately look ups are by peoples’ names and not business. So press your personal abilities to the maximum. Now look at the time advantage.

To go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting you have to clear scheduled time, get dressed up, attend the meeting, try to socialize a little, and drive back home. Maybe 2 1/2 hours are spent. If you belong to 10 closely, matched internet linked social groups, it could be 6:30 AM and you just got out of the shower. Using that same amount of time, you could search for some questions to intelligently answer, maybe ask a question of your own, seek out a couple of people to make a connection with, and gain information previously unknown about one of your groups.

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Home Based Working Moms P romote Your WAHM Business With Internet Social Networking

When you start your WAHM business, please do not only focus on the operation of the business but pay attention to the marketing too. Internet social networking is an excellent and free tool to market your products or services online and to grow your list of potential clients or customers. You need to connect with them and earn their trust gradually. Through internet social networking, you gain friends, clients and possibly future business partners as well. Potential clients can communicate with you in person and this may increase their trusts in your business. You can also learn from other home based working moms and possibly build relationship and joint venture with some of them.

There are plenty of internet social networking sites to join these days, my advice is to be selective. The 3 most popular internet social networking sites which can benefit your WAHM business and increase your network with moms and home based working moms are:


Facebook has many applications and some can benefit your WAHM business. Marketplace, group, fans page, networked blog are among applications which you can use to promote your business to moms and to network with other home based working moms. If you are selling physical products, you can use Marketplace and publish what you sell through your network of people within Facebook. Creating your own group or fans page is a good idea to bring in potential customers and broadcast your message. If you have a business blog, do set up a networked blog to broadcast your latest post automatically.


Twitter is quite different from Facebook where members “tweet” to each other. To tweet is to send messages up to 140 characters. Through Twitter, you get to know others from their tweets. Your tweet may appeal to some potential customers which may attract them to follow you. You can send messages to your followers personally, create a list or join other members list.


Lindkedin is internet social networking site for professionals and business people. Groups or Jobs are the applications within Linkedin. You can start by joining groups of your interest and network with the people within the group. If you are home based working moms, you should look for specific moms group to interact with them.

You may eventually find internet social networking spices up your social life and benefits your WAHM business. Please note that your intention is to socialize with moms or to network with home based working moms. Do not sell hard your products or services. Friends get to know you in person and they will find out about your WAHM business. Position yourself as an expert, be friendly and genuine to your friends network.

Use an Internet Social Network to Help Your Online Business Prosper

A lot of people who go online do not join social networking sites with the motive of making money. There are however many people who build internet businesses using social networking sites as their primary marketing tool. How do you use social networking sites for fun and profit? Read the following tips.

1. Join a few social networking sites and work on developing an identity online. Do not join every site out there unless you are trying to reserve your business or blog name. It’s easier to keep up with just a few sites.

Right now the frontrunners in the Internet social network arena are Facebook and Twitter. Join these and work at developing them into social markets of your own. Use them to create your own identity. Develop an identity that reflects your values, the products you promote etc. The more personal you make your profile the more people you will connect with, thus creating an environment conducive to making friends and money.

2. Take your time making your online profile. You want it to convey the right message. Choose a name that draws attention to the type of product or business you are involved in. You want to ‘brand’ yourself so that your picture and name are remembered when it comes time to buy a product.

More people will click through to your website if they are personally interested in your profile. It is very important on internet social network sites that you create a ‘brand’ for yourself.

3. Start a group. There are groups on these sites to do with products, celebrities, interests and businesses. The more dynamic your site the more people will want to join your group.

You can also increase the number of people joining your groups if you arrange activities they can participate in online or in real life.

Starting your own group leads to you having a captive audience you can market to. DO NOT spam them with offers, run ads on your site. People who are interested in what you are interested in will click through on a percentage of ads.

I hope this article has given you a better idea of how to use an Internet social network as a business tool.

Internet Social Networking Explained Find Out What All The Fuss Is Over Social Networking Sites

What in the world is all this talk about social networking? That is the general question I hear when the topic is brought up. I’ll just help out here by giving you a short discourse on, Internet social networking explained. Well, the question is quite easy to answer. It is a place where people gather online to meet and greet each other and input ideas, thoughts, problems, questions, hobbies – in a word, anything they want to talk about!

In most social networking sites there are areas to discuss almost anything imaginable. If you want to talk about something, there is a place to do it somewhere in a social networking environment.

You say you like model airplanes or model railroads? You will find lots of like minded people chatting away about it in social networking sites. There is not topic that won’t find an audience and like minded folks in a social site. If you can’t find a topic that is devoted to your thing, just start one! I guarantee you, there will be others who want to talk about it too.

In the last year or two there have been social networking sites springing up all over the internet. They include every topic you can think of and many more too! Just type in social network into your favorite search engine like Google, and see how many pop up. Click on one, join up and start to be social!

You won’t believe how fast you will start to make new friends and really start to enjoy yourself. You just click on the button that asks you to sign up and then fill out a short profile or even less info than that. Then you are ready to go – plug in your favorite topic into the site search feature and go see what conversation is hot!

No matter what your opinion, you will be allowed to express yourself,(as long as you are polite and civil), and interject your own point of view. Yes, you get to speak your mind about whatever it is that turns you on in that little niche.

So, maybe you picked model airplanes as your topic to get involved in, what seems to be the big discussion going on among those who share your passion? Read what has been said, get the feel for who the main players are and how the discussion has been going. Then jump right in, they would love to have you included. I hope this internet social networking explained, helped you.